Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

15 Dec

It's nerve-wracking enough having an auto accident, dealing with your car insurer and worrying about what to do. The last thing you'll appreciate is getting the runaround from the auto body shop that will be fixing your vehicle. As with any business, auto body shops offer varying levels of quality, so spare yourself the hassle by doing your homework before picking one.

Repairs from a vehicular accident often cost thousands of dollars at, and using an auto body shop with good reviews is smart. If your policy covers the majority of the costs, you may automatically go with the authorized repair facility in your area, but hold it.

Though vehicle insurer will strike off a facility when there are complaints against it, their list hardly makes for a recommendation. Instead, obtain the details for different shops from your insurer and then ask people around you for opinions on any of those shops that they've used before. Spend a few minutes doing an Internet search on every shop, focusing on customer reviews.

Upon arriving at the shop to get your estimate, take a look around the place and try to learn more about the business. You should see their license hung on a wall, but if you don't, politely request to see it. Also inquire how long they have been in business and it has always been in that particular location. The answer will give you signs about the shop's stability.

Know how long the manager has been with the shop at and whether he is also skilled in auto body repair. They may not need a background in repair to manage a business well, but this knowledge will surely be helpful in guaranteeing quality work.

The size of the staff is yet another consideration you have to make. More people means a bigger overhead for the shop. Overhead costs also differ significantly even if the shops are in the same city or town. In some cases, shops with larger overheads will take shortcuts just to increase their profits. Or they may bill you for services that they won't actually complete. Of course, this is true for all shops, which is why you absolutely need to do your homework so you will know which ones are worth considering.

Lastly, as you receive your estimate, ask about the shop's warranty. This should be written and good for one year on the parts and for the workmanship. Three years is ideal for the paint and two years for the body work. Beware of those that offer a lifetime warranty though as this is unrealistic and often very restrictive.

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